Gopher State One Call Presents Mobile E-Ticket: The Damage Prevention App

Minneapolis, MN – May 10th, 2010 – Gopher State One Call approached KorTerra, a Gopher State One Call damage prevention partner and software development company, with an idea on how to make communication between its users and their call center easier.  Currently, Minnesota homeowners, excavators and utilities can communicate their dig information by calling 811 and speaking with a Gopher State One Call representative, or entering their information through Gopher State One Call’s website (  Gopher State One Call understood that today’s technology savvy population would benefit from adding a new method of submitting locate requests that integrates the expanding  world of smart technology.  Today there are over 150,000 iPhone applications.  Gopher State One Call now unveils the One Call industry’s very first smart phone ticket submission application, Mobile E-Ticket.

Mobile E-Ticket Screen

 “Smart” technology, in recent years, has made huge steps in helping people accomplish daily tasks.  The iPhone, Android, Palm, Window Mobile and other smartphones make finding and communicating information easier than ever.  With their new Mobile E-Ticket application, Gopher State One Call is the first One Call Center to allow homeowners, excavators and utilities the ability to submit locate requests via their smartphone.  People are no longer tied to their desk at work, while at the same time are busier moving around, challenged to fit even more tasks into their hectic day.  Gopher State One Call wanted to create a new application that reflected this change in mobility in society.  Users can now easily communicate information to the One Call Center in a style that matches current technology and society trends. 

Gopher State One Call’s mobile ticket submission application is one of their first steps in developing new technologies and applications for the damage prevention industry.   Gopher State One Call believes this technology is currently in its “infancy” stage, with much more new development expected to occur throughout the industry.   As smartphones get smarter and user feedback is collected, applications will be improved and new applications created.  Gopher State One Call will continue to adapt its processes and invest in its users to fit a more mobile society.     

“Smartphones are very prevalent now, and will only continue to grow in popularity and everyday use in society.  We wanted to provide our users with a new mobile One Call technology that supports the rapid movement in that direction,” stated Mark Palma, Gopher State One Call board secretary. 

To view the new Mobile E-Ticket site with your smartphone, please visit: .  It features the same information submission layout that users are accustomed to seeing on Gopher State One Call’s website submission page.  Anyone wishing to use Mobile E-Ticket must first contact Gopher State One Call at 651-681-7341 to register for this application.  While this new application provides 24 hour a day, 7 day a week submission, all users are reminded that they must submit locate requests 2 full business days before excavation is scheduled to occur.