Sample Live Tickets

Select a call type below to listen to a sample voice recording of a live call.  The definitions provided are excerpts from the 2007 Gopher State One Call Handbook.

Call Type

Definition of Call Type

Routine Locate

This is the most common type of request processed at GSOC.

These tickets need to be requested by the excavator not less than two business days (excluding weekends and Holidays) from the planned start of excavation.

The ticket may be requested up to 14 calendar days prior to the time of proposed excavation.

The ticket is valid for 14 calendar days from the start time stated on the notice, unless the locate markings become obscure or obliterated.  The excavator also can make arrangements with the operators affected to periodically verify or refresh the marks, in which case the ticket is valid for up to six months from the start time stated on the notice.

Emergency Request

An emergency request is defined by Minnesota Statute Chapter 216D.01, subdivision 3, as "A condition that poses a clear and immediate danger to life or health or significant loss of property."

GSOC customer service representatives do not determine whether an emergency condition exists.

Examples of emergencies:

-  An unforeseen excavation necessary in order to prevent a condition that poses a clear and immediate danger to life or health.

-  An excavation required to repair a service outage.

-  An excavation required in order to prevent significant and immediate property damage.

-  The repair of an existing unstable condition that may result in an emergency.

GSOC reminds you to first call 911 whenever there is a release of a flammable, toxic or corrosive gas or liquid, or a dangerous situation has been created.  Next, contact the facility operator involved in the emergency, then contact GSOC.

Emergency locates are given top priority by the facility operator and will be marked within the excavation area as soon as practical, given the nature and circumstances of the emergency.   The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety has requested Gopher State One Call to remind excavators that anyone inappropriately claiming an emergency may be considered in violation of Minnesota Statute Chapter 216D and subject to the penalties of 216D.08.

Update Request

A locate ticket is valid for 14 calendar days from the start time stated on the notice.  If the activity will continue after the expiration time, the excavator shall serve an additional notice prior to the expiration time of the original notice, unless arrangements are made for remarks.

When refreshing the paint and flags you have two options:

- Contact the facility operator/locator directly and ask for your job site to be refreshed, or

- Contact GSOC and have your ticket updated.

Meet Request

A meet should only be requested when it is difficult to precisely define the location of the excavation site in a routine locate request.  At times, using white paint and flags can very easily substitute for a meet.

When processing a meet ticket, the excavator must provide a general description of the area of excavation on that ticket.  Once at the meet, the excavator must make every effort to clearly define the extent of the project and specific details about the project.  The use of white paint, white flags or combination of the two will assist the facility operator in complicated projects.  Also handing out maps, sketches, diagrams and the schedule of excavation, if done in multiple steps, will also assist in getting a quality locate.  Be prepared at the meet to exchange contact information for future use.  It is the responsibility of the excavator requesting the meet to provide all relevant information to the facility operator, so that the facility operator can property mark the underground facilities.

The scheduling of a meet request does not mean that the work site will be marked at the time of your meet.  Meets are for conveying information; Gopher State One Call does NOT recommend you plan to begin excavation at or immediately after the meet in case delays occur.  It is important that the excavators and facility owners/locators work together and cooperate with each other to guarantee a successful finish to the project.

Gopher State One Call customer service representatives cannot make binding appointments on behalf of the facility operators.  Excavators are reminded that all meets are tentative and are subject to change.  Since these appointments are tentative, the customer service representatives can only schedule a Meet Request between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm at least two business days from the time of the locate request.   If the facility operator cannot make the Meet Request, it is important that the facility operator contact the excavator to make other arrangements that work best for each party.   The excavator, who scheduled the meet, and all affected facility operators, should make reasonable efforts to be there on time.

Non-Excavation Request

MN State Statute 216D.04, Subdivision 1(A) requires contacting GSOC in many circumstances involving contract bid proposals.  The law refers to these as "Plans for Excavation."  These tickets are a way for engineers, architects, surveyors, planners or any person soliciting bids or entering into a contract for excavation to obtain the type, size and general location of the facilities.   Once the facility operators receives the Plans for Excavation Ticket they must provide the excavator the information within 15 working days.

Notification can be provided by either performing:

1.  An actual field locate at the job site, and or

2  Providing maps or diagrams of the facilities. The information obtained from the affected operators must be submitted with the final drawing used for the bid or contract.  This bid or contract must also depict the "utility quality level", as defined in 216D.01 subdivision 12.  This information must be obtained not more than 90 days before completion of the final drawing used for the bidding or contract.  A person required to obtain this information is also required to hold one or more preliminary design meetings and comply with Minnesota Statutes 216D.04 subdivision 1 (C) and (D).

This subdivision does not apply to bids and contracts for:

1.  Routine maintenance of underground facilities or installation, maintenance or repair of service lines.

2.  Excavation for home construction and projects by homeowners.

3.  Excavation for operators of underground facilities performed on a unit of work or similar basis.   NOTE:  An operator who provides information to a person who is not a unit of government may indicate any portions of the information that are proprietary and may require the person to provide appropriate confidentiality protection.

Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is another type of a non-excavation ticket processed by Gopher State One Call.

By law, underground facility operators must respond to a Boundary Survey request within 96 hours.   The facility operator must perform an actual field locate unless both parties agree otherwise.