Board of Directors 

Highlights:  Aug. 15, 2017

  • Legislative Report: State budget enacted, transportation bill passed, funding agreement for MnOps, bills HF2719 and SF2376/HR2637 introduced
  • Board Engagement; Board Industry Support: Board engagement with industry encouraged, Jodi Corrow and Ward Westphal welcomed to the Board, importance of the role of the CSR in enhancing damage prevention, volunteers needed for MnOps locate rodeo 
  • Website Redesign: OCC's Creative Division presented the new GSOC website redesign
  • COO Report: Overview of notification center performance, Users Advisory Group met in June and July, pilot project for web based submission of emergency tickets, safety buffer adjustments have taken effect
  • PR Review: Summary of second and third quarter PR efforts, Hmongtown Marketplace public awareness event in St. Paul, GSOC personnel involved in Chapter 216D stakeholder meetings, Staking University, Farm Fest, MN State Fair, Big Iron event, iHeart media campaign, StarTribune campaign
  • OCC Report: Call center performance, web based ticket submission, homeowner volume increased, system updates and user survey responses, facility operator outreach project, map updates, ITIC webinars
  • MnOps Update: Historical analysis of utility damages, two-foot tolerance zone for horizontal location discussed, overview of 216D Stakeholder review process, proposed HF2719


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