Board of Directors 

Highlights:  Jan. 10, 2018

  • Chair's Report: Thank you for all of the efforts made to improve the call center and operations over the past few years as well as to those who attended this year's CGA conference in Arizona. 
  • Ticket Extension Software: Discussion of a proposal for a feature that would allow excavator and facility operators to agree to a delayed start that would be reflected on the ticket.
  • MnOps Update: Final details of the Annual Pipeline Safety Conference in April, new forms available ont he MnOps website, damage reporting figures for MN, violation trends, planned 2018 MnOps initiatives, and discussion of possible additional operator contact information on tickets.
  • COO Report: Summary of 2017 notification center operations, Users Advisory Group, Annual Report progress, MN CGA Excavator/Locator Recognition Program, action items from the 216D Stakeholder meetings, outreach efforts for major fiber obtics projects in MN as well as private facility operators.
  • PR Report: 2018 handbook available, 811 Awareness event at the Super Bowl, and the GSOC vehicle.
  • OCC Report: Thank you to the Board fro participation in CSR recognition lunch, 2017 operations recap and review, and plans for 2018.

Next Meeting: April 9, 2018


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