Board of Directors 

Highlights: January 13, 2021

  • Chair’s Report: Dave Hunstad welcomed everyone. He reminded the Board that the next meeting would be a governance only closed session to be held on February 3 at 9:00 a.m. by Zoom videoconference.
  • Legislative Report: Dean Parker gave a brief legislative report summarizing legislative activity of the previous session.
  • Chief Operations Officer Report: Barb Cederberg gave a brief summary of the 2020 excavation season. There were over 941,000 tickets, a new GSOC record. This was an approximately 10.9% increase.
  • MnOPS Update: Jon Wolfgram advised the Board that the last 216D meeting held during the 4th quarter yielded no proposed statutory changes at this time but discussions will continue. 3 meetings are anticipated in order to discuss Minnesota statutes 216D during 2021.
  • OCC Report: Kimberly Boyd advised the Board that the work from home model remains successful. Approximately 46 CSRs continue to work from home with 6 in the office.
  • PR/Awareness Report: Olivia Philips advised the Board that OCC’s creative unit has assisted in developing videos for the damage prevention meetings this spring.


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