Board of Directors 

Highlights: June 2, 2021

  • Chair’s Report: Meeting minutes for May 5th were approved.
  • Legislative Report: None.
  • COO Report: Ticket volumes up 3% YTD as of the end of May. Discussion of meet tickets vs 2nd updates for extended ticket life. Concensus was that people need more time to get comfortable with meet tickets.
  • MNOPS Report: Encouraging stakeholders to resolve 216D issues. Two new investigators starting in June. MNOPS continues to focus are timeliness, accuracy and white markings by excavators.
  • PR/Awareness Report: Call for volunteers at the State Fair Booth. Several other initiatives are being pushed back to later in the season due to COVID concerns.
  • OCC Report: All 6 training classes were completed and 1 online training, no cancellations. 98 CSRs currently on staff. April ticket volume was over 100,000 again this year with increases for both excavators and homeowners. Homeowner usage of ITIC Lite is at 63% avoiding calls that take much more time to process. 7 companies are now approved for direct release and more than 1500 map updates from 47 counties have been installed this year.
  • Additional Analytics: Discussion of making current/real time data avaialble for stakeholders. 
  • Board Discussion: Communication between excavators and locators can still be improved. Not white lining is occuring too often. Emails from MUCA to MNOPS had GSOC and several facility operators copied on the chain. GSOC board decided it wasn't their place to respond and no response has been heard from MNOPS at this point.


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