Board of Directors 

Highlights: September 1, 2021

  • Chair’s Report: Meeting minutes for June 2nd were approved.
  • Legislative Report: None.
  • COO Report: Education videos are allowing us to reach additional audiences despite the pandemic. Ticket volumes are down 1.5% from 2020, almost entirely from less home owner tickets. Review of the procedural change to start times. Increased tracking of cut line calls and locator related calls to the help desk. Review of extra time afforded to locators by excavators. Metrics project update. Development of crisis communication plan. Update of MN Underground Utilities Mapping Project. Additional work on providing data analytics on the GSOC website.
  • MNOPS Report: Revisions to complaint system encourage stakeholders to try and work out issues amongst themselves prior to contacting MNOPS. Planning for 2022-2024 Safety conferences has begun. Damage rates - up slightly in 2020 are down slightly as of mid 2021. Enforcement activities are down compared to 2020. Disputes over refresh marks vs new tickets. MnOPS is working to clarify with the individual parties.
  • PR/Awareness Report:  No state fair activity this year, but substantial continued media outreach.
  • OCC Report: Total number of online submitted tickets and overall tickets are doen for the summer. Review of defective tickets and necessary callbacks are at approx 7.5%. Callbacks give the opportunity to provide further education and encourage people still using NextGen to try the latest nxt version of the software. 98.75% compliance on KPIs during July.


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