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What is a meet ticket and when should you file one with Gopher State One Call (GSOC)?

Excavators can file meet tickets with GSOC to request an on-site meeting with facility operators at the proposed excavation site to clarify the precise location of excavation, schedule locating, propose future contacts, and/or share other information concerning the excavation and facilities. Excavators can request a meet ticket online by logging into ITIC or via phone by calling the notification center at 811, or on our direct lines at 651-454-0002 for the Twin Cities metro, or 800-252-1166 for the greater MN area. Make sure to anticipate changes in the job site, weather, or other conditions that may change the direction or nature of the work and communicate those changes to all affected parties.

When is a meet appropriate?1

A meet should only be requested when it is difficult to precisely define the location of the excavation site in a routine locate request, or if there are other complicating factors.

Meets can be useful when:

  • There is lengthy route involved in the ticket.
  • The work will be performed in phases over an extended period.
  • The work site has a complicated layout.
  • The excavation work is complex.
  • There are critical underground facilities that must be avoided or relocated.

Outline the proposed excavation area with white paint or flags (if that will clearly show the excavation area) to avoid scheduling a meet. Even if a meet is ultimately necessary, add white markings so that there is a clear understanding of the work to be done in the field and its precise location. Remember, Minnesota law requires you use white markings for proposed excavations, except where it can be shown it’s not practical. Meet tickets should have a maximum worksite perimeter of 25 miles.

Excavators are legally required to schedule a meet in certain circumstances, such as a predesign and pre-construction project for significant commercial construction, unless other arrangements are made. When requesting a meet, consider resources of all parties for all instances where the request is optional.

Meet Ticket Requirements

The Minnesota Administrative Rule 7560.0350 sets forth the requirements for a meet. In accordance with MN Rule 7560, GSOC will ask you additional questions about the approximate location of the worksite. Please note that the existence of a description of a specific geographic area on a ticket does not replace the need of the operator or locator to attend the meet. The information in the ticket may be only part of the work, may not encompass all of the work, or may be missing other information provided to operators and locators at the meet. Be safe attend the meet and learn everything about the excavation area. The scheduling of a meet request does not guarantee that the work site will be marked at the time of the meet.

The requested meet time must be at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after contacting GSOC. The excavation start time must be at least 24 hours after the proposed meet date and time (again excluding weekends and holidays). For example, if you contact GSOC at 11am on Thursday (and the subsequent Monday is not a holiday), the soonest the meet can occur (assuming no need to reschedule) is 11am the following Monday, and the excavation cannot begin before 11am on Tuesday. The excavator and all affected operators may agree to alternatives in writing.

GSOC cannot make binding appointments on behalf of facility operators, so all meets are tentative and subject to change. It is important to provide a valid telephone number when filing your request so the facility operator or locator can reach you to make alternate arrangements if they are unavailable at the proposed meet time. GSOC will only schedule a tentative meet location within the proposed excavation area. If the parties desire to physically meet in a location outside the boundaries of the excavation site, they must coordinate that alternative location among themselves.

MN Rule 7560 requires the excavator to maintain the following minimum written documentation for each meet:

  • Date and time
  • Name, company affiliation, and contact information for each attendee
  • Diagram, sketch, or description of the precise excavation location(s), date(s), and time(s) 
  • Agreed upon schedule of any future meets or communications

GSOC recommends that the excavator begin preparing the documentation prior to the meet itself and arrive prepared to distribute the written materials or sketches at the start of the meet. Engineering drawings and other detailed information are welcome, so that all parties clearly understand the work site. Pictures taken at the time of the meet or of markings made afterwards enhance the documentation process. GSOC has developed an excavator meet form to assist excavators in documenting the meet. 

GSOC is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a meet request. Feel free to contact Customer Support at 651-681-7326 or customersupport@gopherstateonecall.org

Source1: GSOC Handbook. Click here for more information. 

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