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Excavators have access to an easy-to-use online tool called Search & Status. Gopher State One Call (GSOC) recommends that users review it prior to commencing any excavation in the field. Using Search & Status, stakeholders can quickly find ticket and positive response information. With a few clicks, users can search the history or status of a ticket. You can also find specific tickets by narrowing your search criteria.

Excavators can access positive response information to make sure that all affected facility operators have responded to their ticket by going to www.gopherstateonecall.org and clicking on the Search for a Ticket (Search & Status) button. Underground facility operators must respond to every ticket they receive from GSOC, even if there are no buried facilities in the excavation area. Please remember that an underground facility operator may also mark or clear in the field, so the responses in GSOC’s system may be supplemented by information you observe in the field.

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After an excavator files a locate request, GSOC will send him/her a record copy via email that includes a specialized MapLINK to their information, which is labeled “HERE”. This link provides excavators immediate online access to all their tickets, including a map of the excavation site and utility notification list. Excavators can use MapLINK to easily verify the accuracy of submitted tickets and access other advanced features.

Clicking the MapLINK connects users to Excavator Ticket Management (ETM), an online ticket archive. Through ETM, users can click the Ticket List button to view and filter a list of tickets they have filed and view utility status responses, file a request to refresh locate marks, or add attachments. ETM is a handy tool to use to request a remark or cancel a ticket without logging into ITIC or contacting GSOC. Users can also check the marking status of the ticket in the Members Notified section, leave comments for later reference, or add excavator statuses. With the interactive map, users can view the ticket’s original mapping in multiple map views (Call Center, Satellite, or Google perspectives) to ensure that the proposed excavation area is correct.

ETM        ETM2

Remember that every excavation project, large or small, requires a “click or call” to GSOC. Stay safe by contacting GSOC at least 48 hours in advance, excluding weekends and holidays, before breaking ground. Whether you are using Search & Status and/or ETM, always make sure to check the status of the utility markings before you begin your excavation project each and every time!

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