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Excavation tickets such as locate requests are the most common types of tickets that Gopher State One Call (GSOC) processes daily. Did you know that you can file various types of non-excavation tickets when there is no immediate intent to excavate? Continue reading about the non-excavation ticket types below to learn more!1


Owner Inquiry (Information) Request: Use this request to obtain a list of facility operators and contact phone numbers in an area that you don’t intend to immediately excavate. No ticket is issued.Owner inquiries are designed for engineers, architects, surveyors, planners, an individual soliciting bids, or someone entering a contract for future excavation who doesn’t require field marks or a meeting at the proposed job site. GSOC will provide contact information and any special handling notes supplied by the underground facility owner. Owner inquiries are not released to facility operators.

Non-Excavation Ticket: File this type of ticket to request on-site facility markings or a map of underground facilities during the design phase of a project. Note: The facility operator may decide to provide markings in the field or to provide maps. MN State Statute 216D.04 Subdivision 1A(c) and (d) requires excavators to contact GSOC in many circumstances involving contract bid proposals. The law refers to these as “plans for excavation.” Engineers, architects, surveyors, planners, or any person soliciting bids or entering an excavation contract can file this ticket to obtain the type, size, and general location of the facilities.

Once the facility operator receives the non-excavation ticket, they must provide the requested information within 15 working days. Notification can be provided by either performing:

  1. An actual field locate at the job site, and/or
  2. Providing maps or diagrams of the facilities. The information obtained from the affected operators must be submitted with the final drawing used for the bid or contract and must state the utility quality level of that information.

Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket: File this type of ticket to meet with facility operators during all design and preconstruction phases of a project. Engineering/pre-con meet tickets are ideal when a person is required to comply with Minnesota Statutes 216D.04 subdivision 1A(c) and (d) by holding a design meeting at a proposed future excavation site with potentially affected facility operators in the area. A minimum of 15 working days must be allowed by callers requesting an engineering/pre-con meeting. Facility operators shall attend these meetings or make other arrangements to provide information.

Boundary Survey: Only a licensed Minnesota land surveyor may file this ticket type to request facility markings. By law, underground facility operators must respond to a boundary survey request within 96 hours. The facility operator must perform an actual field locate unless both parties agree otherwise.

If you are planning an excavation project, determine which ticket type best serves your needs. GSOC is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have regarding non-excavation tickets. Feel free to contact Customer Support at 651-681-7326 or customersupport@gopherstateonecall.org

Source1: GSOC Handbook.

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