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You may have noticed a post made on November 4, 2019, on GSOC’s Facebook page. The post features behind-the-scenes photographs starring GSOC’s Chief Operations Officer, Barbara Cederberg, alongside the Gopher State One Call vehicle at a jobsite.

We’ve been hard at work creating a brand-new social media campaign that supports learning from and sharing safety information with the excavation industry. GSOC is looking forward to this initiative to help bring the Minnesota excavation community together. (There is safety in numbers, after all.)

gsoc blog post 122019

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ITIC'S New Interface Webinar

05/22/2024 - 05/22/2024

ITIC'S New Interface Webinar

06/05/2024 - 06/05/2024

ITIC'S New Interface Webinar

06/12/2024 - 06/12/2024