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Back on December 6, we hinted at a new social media campaign we were working on with our Chief Operations Officer, Barb Cederberg. We’re proud to announce our latest project: Learn From the Unexpected.

What is Learn From the Unexpected? It’s a Facebook campaign that invites members of the excavation community to share stories so the industry can work smarter and stay safe. Tell GSOC about a time when you were on the job and encountered something you didn’t expect. How did you resolve it, and what was the end result?

Selected winners will be featured in an online video, complete with an epic entrance, and receive a free pair of Red Wing work boots. They’ll also earn the honorary title of Excavator Influencer. If your video is not selected, you will be automatically entered in a gift card giveaway. Details are listed in the FAQ below.

Share this information with interested parties, or submit your own story, at www.learnfromtheunexpected.com/GSOC


Who is eligible?
Anyone working in the excavation or utility construction industry is welcome to nominate themselves or a fellow colleague to submit their story.

What is Learn From the Unexpected?
We’re looking for stories in which something surprising or unexpected occurred while working on a jobsite, and the steps taken to resolve the issue. Examples include indications of an unmarked utility line or a possible abandoned line. The goal is to share our experiences so that we can all work smarter, work safer, work more efficiently and help the industry grow.

My story was selected. What happens next?
By sharing your experience, you will be recognized as an industry leader, earning you the honorary title of Excavator Influencer on Facebook. GSOC will send a film crew to interview your story and film your very own slow-motion dramatic entrance. This video will have a permanent home on the GSOC Facebook page for all to see and share.

My story was not selected. Do I still get something?
To encourage entries, we’re also hosting a giveaway drawing. Whether or not your story is selected for filming, you will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Duluth Trading Co. Three (3) winners will be selected.

How and when do I submit a nomination?
All nominations must be submitted no later than March 31, 2020 and they must be submitted via an online form.

What information do I need to submit a nomination?
You should have the following ready to go to complete the nomination form:

  • Your/the nominee’s full name, phone number, email address, current job position and company information.
  • Basic information regarding the day of the event: what happened, how it was resolved, etc.

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