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Please take a moment to review the following GSOC suggestions and tips to help you process tickets more efficiently with the new site. We look forward to your feedback and continued support!

White Markings: Gopher State One Call would like to remind all excavators to mark the excavation area in white prior to submitting the locate request. White marks increase the efficiency of locators by clearly showing where they need to mark. The use of white marks helps your excavation go more smoothly as well as providing more time for locators to mark for other excavations. Thank you!

Reprocessing Tickets

Did you know you can Update–Refresh Marks/Extend Life, Update- Make Changes, Cancel, or Correct your locate requests online?

Update-Refresh Marks or Extend Life - Use when NO changes will be made to your locate request and you require new markings in the field or need to extend the life of a ticket beyond the 14 days. Notify GSOC at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) before the expiration date and time on the current ticket to continue excavating.

Update - Make Changes - Use to make changes to an existing ticket that includes changes to the street address, the work site and/or marking instructions or any ticket information. Making changes to a ticket before the start date and time has passed, will automatically cancel the original ticket.

Correction - Use to make minor corrections to a ticket not related to the work site, such as the Field Contact, Type Of Work, Duration etc. Corrections can only be made to tickets that were submitted within the same business day. If work site information is changing, use Update-Make Changes.

Cancel – Use when a ticket is not needed or you no longer plan on performing the excavation.

How to access a previously filed tickets on the New Site - Users can access Update, Correction and Cancel Ticket functions online via My Tickets as described below:

Once logged into ITIC:

  • Select the appropriate date range to view your previously filed tickets and select “Apply.”
  • Click on the relevant ticket number and then click the appropriate Ticket Action. Only available ticket actions for the specific ticket will be accessible.
  • To process multiple tickets at one time put a checkmark next to the tickets under the “Ticket #” column on the left and click the appropriate Ticket Action under the ‘I want to....’ option. You will receive a pop-up for any of the ineligible ticket(s) and the reason.

Update, Correction and Cancel Ticket functions can also be accessed by selecting the ticket link embedded in your email confirmation received after a ticket has been processed.

Online Chat Feature
Instead of calling the call center with questions, try using the online chat feature. This can save you time as you are directly connected to someone that can help with any questions you have while you are already in our ticketing system. You can find the online chat icon (talk bubbles) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen after logging in. Here are just a few examples of reasons to use the chat feature;

  • Editing information on your account (phone numbers, password, email addresses etc.)
  • Issues filing a locate request
  • Questions about your locate request
  • Information on upcoming training/webinars

Extend Start Time Feature
The facility operators can request to extend the start time of your Normal and Update locate requests up to 24 hours. If they request an extended start time on your ticket you will receive an email with the new requested start date and time. At this point you have three options.

  • If you will not be starting your excavation until after the requested start date and time by the facility, then you can “accept” the extended start time.
  • If your planned excavation is going to begin on the listed start date and time and can not allow the facility more time to respond, then you can “reject” the requested extension.
  • If the work is going to begin before the start date and time the facility requested, however, you can allow them more time to respond. Then you can “modify” the extended start time and provide them the time that your work will begin. This will allow them more time to complete the request.

Please be sure if you get an email requesting an extension, that you respond accordingly. If you are unable to respond to the extended start time, then the original work to begin date and time will be honored.

Communication in the field is key to working together for damage prevention. For questions regarding the GSOC features and tools please click the chat feature, send an email to itic@gopherstateonecall.org or call 651-454-8388.

Training Opportunities:

GSOC encourages all excavators to stay familiar with the new online system by attending a training session. You can attend an ITIC training via one of our upcoming Webinar Wednesdays! If Wednesday does not work for you, contact our ITIC department and they will work with your schedule. For questions regarding processing your locate requests online or to schedule training contact the GSOC ITIC Department at itic@gopherstateonecall.org or call 651-681-7326.

Click here to register for one of our Wednesday ITIC Training Webinars



Barb Cederberg
Chief Operations Officer, GSOC

Kim Boyd
General Manager, GSOC



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