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GSOC notification safety buffer change for web submitted locate requests – effective January 1, 2021

Summary of the buffer change: Effective January 1, 2021

What is the change?

Most ITIC locate requests will have the maximum buffer reduced from 500 feet to 300 feet. Notifications will continue to be made only to the nearest public street, if that distance is less (block to block notification).

What tickets are affected by the change?

Online submitted locate requests submitted through the standard ITIC software.

What tickets are not affected by the change?

  • telephone ticket locate requests handled by the call center
  • tickets submitted by homeowners online using the simplified homeowner software
    Each of these tickets will continue to have a safety buffer to the nearest street (block to block).
  • Online tickets submitted through ITIC using a circle (a radius excavation entity) to indicate the area to be located
    These tickets will continue to use the same 200 foot safety buffer as they did before.

Facility operators who require larger buffers should consider adjusting their notification areas accordingly.

GSOC continues to welcome feedback from users regarding perceived over notification situations or concerning other issues.

Chief Operations Officer
Barbara Cederberg


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