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Meet vs. Normal Tickets: What You Need to Know for 2019

The safe excavation process starts by calling Gopher State One Call (GSOC) and filing one of two types of tickets: a normal ticket or a meet ticket. The normal ticket is recommended for homeowners or one-time excavation projects that only need a 48-hour notice (excluding weekends and holidays). Your ticket remains valid 14 calendar days from the start date and time stated on the ticket unless the locate markings become obscured or obliterated. You can also make separate arrangements verify or refresh the marks; in which case your ticket may be valid for up to six months from the initial start date.

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Register for the Annual 811 5K Run/Walk

2019 811 5K Run/Walk 8/10/2019

In honor of National 811 Day, we’re gearing up for our annual 811 5K Run/Walk. Sponsored by Gopher State One Call (GSOC), Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy (CNP), the race hopes to spread the word about safe digging by promoting damage prevention awareness. All proceeds are donated to the Twin Cities Firefighters Operation Warm, a non-profit organization that provides new, warm winter coats for Minnesota children in need.

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Gopher State One Call and the MN United!

Gopher State One Call (GSOC) recently entered into a sponsoring partnership with the Gopher State’s newest national sports franchise – Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC). The goal of this partnership is to help elevate GSOC’s public profile, and to improve Minnesotan’s safety by promoting damage prevention awareness.

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Safe Farm Excavation

Gopher State One Call – Connecting Minnesota for Safe Digging.

Excavation on the farm can be dangerous work. Hitting or damaging an underground gas or electric line can lead to potentially fatal results along with loss of property such as equipment and buildings. There are over 68,000 miles of pipelines in Minnesota carrying gas and hazardous liquids. Many of which are in rural portions of the State.

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